Sofia Consulting Ltd. was set up in March 2005. Our team:

  • Lyubomir Stefanov, PhD. , Professor in the Human Resources and Social Protection Department at the University of National and World Economy, Sofia; consultant, shareholder and managing partner

  • Daniel Stefanov, shareholder, consultant, project/research assistant

Our team includes also more than 20 consultants with significant experience in the sphere of economics, management, legislation, sociology, statistics and demographics, working on projects with civil agreements.

Our team seeks to offer a product one rarely finds on the consultancy market. We call it the Working Consultant. The Working Consultant not only makes analyses and recommendations, generates ideas, designs and develops new methods, describes and suggests good practice, etc. but also takes an active role in the implementation and on-the-spot support stages. The Working Consultant offers tailor-made products because he wants to bring about improvement, knows how to do it and can deliver under the specific circumstances.

Research is an important part of our business to serve as the basis for our core consultancy products such as practical advice and assistance on the spot.

Since September 2010, the company is registered as a publisher. Information and free publications can be found in menu "publications".